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hyouriittai's Journal

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The name's Matt Hope. I'm a contemporary artist, cartoonist, graphic designer, and writer. This is just a little personal space by which I choose to keep up with friends and colleagues. There may be some nonsensical, intermittent art postings and the like. As of yet, Doing Time Studios is without web space - alas. However, I do plan on remedying that predicament.

For those of my friends who kept up on Doing Time, my former, and not to mention shortly lived, web strip, I may or may not continue that trend, as I intend on focusing on other, more long-term projects that I've got on the backburner. But, for the hell of it, I'll keep my archive up so you can show your buddies and wives my unartistic musings.
aesop rock, afterlife [beautiful life], akira, akira kurosawa's yume [dreams], alien, ambush from ten sides, american history x, amlie, andrew lloyd webber, aphex twin, batman, batman begins, batman returns, beastie boys, beatles, beautiful girls, bird people of china, black sabbath, blade runner, blind guardian, boondock saints, brazil, cars, casshern, choking victim, closer, crouching tiger hidden dragon, danny the dog, dead kennedys, del the funkee homosapien, descendents, dogma, dragon force, drunken master ii, exploding hearts, fifth element, fight club, foo fighters, fugazi, gackt, garden state, ghost in the shell, go!go17188, history of violence, hook, ikiru, izo, janne da arc, jesus christ superstar, jimi hendrix, john williams, jurassic park, kana, kansas, kevin smith's jersey chronicles, kill bill, kung fu janitors, led zeppelin, leon [the professional], les claypool, life of brian, lion king, lunasea, maaya sakamoto, macross plus, macross zero, mclusky, mirrormask, mononoke hime [princess mononoke], no fraud, nobuo uematsu, nofx, observers, operation ivy, over the hedge, pennywise, pink lincolns, planet of the apes, porno graffiti, postal service, predator i & ii, pulp fiction, queen, radiohead, rage against the machine, resevoir dogs, rise against, rjd2, road to perdition, rumble in the bronx, rush, sanjuro, servant, seven years in tibet, shichinin no samurai, shimotsuma monotagari [kamikaze girls], sloppy seconds, snatch, speds, star wars trilogy, sublime, superman returns, tasogare no seibei, tenacious d, the aquabats!, the briefs, the minds, the producers, the shins, time bandits, tokyou nagaremono [tokyo drifter], warriors of genghis kahn, winter passing, yakuza demon, yojimbo, young master, zatoichi 1 & 2, zatoichi [200x?], ziggens